The AIU Alumni Association exists to help you pursue your long-term goals by providing networking opportunities and professional development support after you graduate from AIU. Membership in the Alumni Association is open to all graduates.

Things to Do

Alumni Programs

AIU's commitment to its students doesn’t stop at graduation. We offer several programs to help alumni achieve their academic and professional goals.

Mentoring Program

Share the success of your AIU education by joining the Alumni Mentor Program.

Outstanding Alumni Services Award

Let us know about your achievements and you could receive Outstanding Alumni Services Award.

Lifelong Learning Grant

Get help pursuing a master’s degree at AIU by applying for the Lifelong Learning Grant.

Graduation and Commencement

To celebrate your success, AIU conducts graduation and commencement ceremonies near the ground campus locations annually for our ground and online students.

Click here for more information on upcoming AIU graduation ceremonies.

graduation and commencement