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Current AIU Students

You’ve come to the place to help you elevate your education.

Education that Serves You

Welcome to your online AIU® student resource center!

We provide many resources to help you manage your education and navigate all the programs and features that we have to offer. There are many resources available here for military students, transfer students and international students.

Read the information below and follow links to related articles and other online student resources. Don’t forget that your dedicated Graduation Team is also available to answer any questions you may have about managing your education, financial aid, and your path to graduation. Our staff is experienced in assisting non-traditional students and adult students.

Student Resources

Below are some great resources to optimize your student experience and help you focus on your academic goals while managing student life.

  • Flexible Education
    As an AIU student, you can pursue your degree anytime and anywhere that an internet connection is available. The AIU mobile app helps you connect with teachers and other students in the robust online community. We also offer many on-campus courses and degree programs for students in Atlanta and Houston. Meet with your fellow students, speak directly with instructors, and build your education by pursuing your degree in one of these dynamic cities.
  • Smarthinking Tutoring Service
    We have partnered with Smarthinking to bring you 24/7 access to tutors (at no additional cost) who are trained in a variety of subjects, from beginner to advanced levels. With Smarthinking, you can:
    • Work one-on-one with an experienced tutor
    • Work on improving your writing in the Online Writing Lab
    • Ask questions outside of tutoring sessions
    • Participate in group tutoring and collaborate with other students
    Students can access Smarthinking through the Learning Center page on the Virtual Campus.
  • Career Services
    Career services resources are available to provide supports while you pursue a new career or as you work to develop your current career. We can also help military students transition into the civilian workforce.
  • Life Balance
    It can be difficult to work, tend to your family and other responsibilities, and earn a degree at the same time. Check out these great tips on motivation, stress and anxiety relief:

Report Issues and Concerns

Students who wish to process a grievance or perceive that their rights may have been denied may seek assistance through the AIU Ombudsman’s Office. The Ombudsman staff is responsible for answering student inquiries and serving as a liaison between the student and university departments.

Additional details about this process and the AIU grievance procedure, including contact information, can be found on our Grievance Procedure page. The school's grievance procedure allows for the prompt resolution of grievances.

Classes Start October 25, 2023