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Chief Motivational Officer, Brittany Wagner

Opportunity and service are two of the core values that make up the mission and foundation of American InterContinental University. Through opportunity, our institution looks to provide accessible education for those with the desire, interest and motivation to pursue a college degree. Through service, AIU is committed to meeting students where they are in life and supporting them in the pursuit of personal and educational success.

By communicating these values, we hope to share with potential students the benefits of a supportive university and inspire our current student and alumni populations to achieve their goals.

AIU’s Chief Motivational Officer, Brittany Wagner, brings these values to life through her love of academic advancement and her engaging success philosophies. Brittany shares, "I am a firm believer that everyone deserves the opportunity to get an education and everyone also deserves the right to a second chance. I love the fact that AIU supports both of these. We have the opportunity every day through education to contribute to someone else’s success – to be a solution for them. The importance of that impact is life-changing."

Inspiration in Academics

Brittany Wagner is a nationally-respected athletic academic counselor, life coach and motivational speaker. She garnered world-wide fame in 2016 as a television star on the hit Netflix documentary series “Last Chance U.” Prior to filming the documentary, Brittany spent over 15 years working with college athletes at various levels. During her eight years at East Mississippi Community College, she helped over 200 football players make it to the next level. All of the players she has worked with who advanced to the NFL have earned their college degrees.

For the past year, Brittany has traveled all over the United States as a motivational speaker. In the fall of 2017, she launched her own company, 10 Thousand Pencils. Through 10KP, Brittany is able to work individually with high school and college athletes, administrators, counselors and teachers on academic success strategies and life skills.

Brittany Wagner earned her undergraduate and master’s degree from Mississippi State University and currently resides in Birmingham, Alabama. She is a proud mom to one daughter, Kennedy.

Classes Start November 3, 2021