8 Reasons to Earn a Bachelor's in Accounting

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Accounting can be a deeply satisfying career path for many different types of people, but there are still several uniting factors. For example, those with a head for numbers and math might find that a career in accounting is a great option for them, but why else should they pursue an accounting degree program?

Consider the following reasons to earn a bachelor’s in accounting.

Prepare for Your Career

The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) found that 53.2% of employers surveyed were looking to hire accounting grads in 2018.1

In-Demand Career

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that accountants will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future, especially in light of increasing globalization and the accompanying complexity of the tax and regulatory environment. In fact, it’s projected that the accounting field will experience 10% growth through 2026.2

Second-Act Career

Sometimes college students aren’t satisfied with their first college degree choice. For those who have seen the job market shrink or have seen their opportunities for advancement become stagnant, a bachelor’s in accounting might help them pursue a second-act career, especially given the projected growth in the field.

Flexible for Adult Students

Those who are already employed and looking to bolster their resume or change careers may find it appealing to pursue a bachelor’s in accounting online. Working on a bachelor’s degree online can allow students to work at times that suit their schedule.


Independent of the projected growth in the profession, accounting is a field that may help graduates prepare to pursue work for a variety of businesses. As more businesses go public, and as taxes and regulations become more complex, the need for accountants in a diverse array of fields is likely to increase.2 In general, accountants deal with numbers, but the nature of the businesses for which they work spans the breadth of the economy.

Introverts Welcome

Not everyone is outgoing and extroverted. Some of us lead a quieter life and even feel a sense of anxiety when interacting with others. Accounting degree programs are excellent for introverts for two reasons. First, it’s possible to earn an accounting degree online in the privacy of one’s home. Second, accountants may spend more time during their career working with numbers and data than other employees and clients, though they sometimes work with teams or clients directly.2

Harness Your Problem-Solving Skills

Certain accounting career paths are tailored for individuals with a knack for solving problems. Working as a personal financial advisor, for example, may be perfect for individuals who relish the opportunity to solve problems because the role requires individuals to monitor clients’ investments and be able to adjust their investments based on market conditions. Moreover, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that this particular accounting niche will experience 15% growth through 2026.3

Useful in A Variety of Industries

The Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that accounting degrees may help students prepare to pursue financial analyst career paths. Financial analysts work to help either businesses or individuals make successful investment decisions, creating reports and recommendations based on current and historical data. This is a profession — like many within the purview of accounting — that can have applications throughout different sectors of the business world. Moreover, it’s projected that the field will grow by 11% through 2026 — a faster rate than most other occupations.4

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Accounting is a field that’s projected to experience impressive growth for the foreseeable future. To learn about how you can take the next step in your educational journey, request information from AIU today.

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