What is Technology Management?

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As businesses continually grapple with an ever-changing technology landscape, leaders who can understand new tech and leverage it strategically may become more valuable. Technology management degree programs offer a look into how to manage the business side of information technology (IT), including its employees, processes and resources.

Studying technology management provides students with the opportunity to develop both technical and managerial skills. So, what is technology management, specifically? Prospective students who pursue an online technology management degree may be expected to learn the following:1

  • A basic understanding of computers and networks;
  • How to support and manage the use of computers and networks in an organizational context;
  • An understanding of design issues in technical networks;
  • The development of technology policies and security protocols;
  • An understanding of how to train others in the secure use of technology;

In addition to the above, students who pursue a master’s in technology management online may also have opportunities to study economic concepts and theories that can contribute to effective tech management practices, in addition to working toward a deeper understanding of potential legal and ethical conflicts in the field.

Tech Management in the Business World

What is technology management to the day-to-day operation of a business? The rapid pace of change in technology has the potential to be at odds with the more conservative business world. Part of technology management focuses on being an advocate for technology, helping business leaders understand how information technology can help an organization achieve its goals more efficiently and yield a return on investment.

In the business world, tech management often involves the following tasks:1

  • Maintaining technology: One of the core functions of a technology manager is to manage an organization’s technology, which is to ensure that it works reliably, and to take steps to circumvent potential problems down the line. This can include maintaining hardware and networks, overseeing IT security and safety, and anticipating future hardware and software needs.
  • Being a voice for new technology: Technology managers may be expected to have their fingers on the pulse of technological innovations, particularly those that can improve their organization or its operations in some way. However, this is about more than just awareness: Tech management is also about convincing organizations that new tech is worth adopting and then implementing those technological innovations.
  • Budgeting: Information technology management may also entail overseeing a budget that may include the approval of purchases, monitoring expenses, reviewing contracts, and meeting with executives to request budgetary changes as needed, among other things.
  • Project management: This duty asks that technology managers to spearhead new tech initiatives within an organization, create a timeline for the achievement of objectives, and reporting to executives on their progress. They may also monitor other IT staff to ensure that the projected timeline is realistic.
  • Supervising staff: In addition to overseeing a company’s operations, Information Technology management may also involve overseeing IT staff. This can involve training and development, as well as evaluating performance. Some technology managers are also involved in hiring decisions.

Career Development

According to the BLS, as technology continues to become more ubiquitous in daily life and as its adoption becomes more necessary as a result, the need for capable technology management professionals is projected to grow by 12% from 2016 to 2026, which is greater than the 7% national average of all other jobs. 1

Instead of just asking what technology management is, a more exciting question to ask is, “What career opportunities do I plan to pursue in the Information Technology management field?” The IT field is rife with potential specializations and career development opportunities, including:1

  • IT Director: IT directors are responsible for a company’s information technology department. This involves supervising employees, evaluating the IT department’s requirements to achieve the company’s goals, and implementing the policies of the CIO and CTO. An IT director is typically involved in all hiring for their department, in addition to overseeing the IT department’s budget.
  • IT Security Manager: Focusing on network and data security, IT security managers play a pivotal role in keeping an organization’s private information safe. In addition to establishing sound practices for maintaining IT security, IT security managers also develop company-wide policies that affect and promote secure practices throughout their organization. IT security managers must always be aware of new cyber threats, and they are also responsible for supervising investigations into security violations that do occur.

Professionals in the technology management field can start as lower-level managers, but with enough experience, high-level positions may be within reach. Given the projected growth in the industry and the opportunity for advancement, the information technology management field is an attractive one for anyone with an interest in both technological innovations and management.

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