Corporate Alliances

A powerful employee development program does more than boost efficiency; it can increase employee retention, improve morale, enhance motivation and foster the new ideas your company needs to grow.

A partnership with AIU’s Educational Alliances Center (EAC) has the power to give your staff the tools, training and education they need to move your business forward in today’s competitive marketplace.

Advantages of Partnership

We offer your Human Resources or Training and Development Department:

  • Customized launch plan that takes into account your organization’s needs and culture
  • Professional-development workshops
  • Access to industry-relevant whitepapers and webinar
  • Personalized intranet links and a landing page that details AIU program and contact information
  • Marketing materials: posters, flyers, emails and other marketing resources to drive employee engagement
  • Quarterly reviews with your department to evaluate program success
  • Employee events to maximize employee participation
  • Ongoing program evaluation, using advanced metrics like our intellipath™ learning platform, AIU can provide ongoing evaluation of your training outcomes using real business metrics.

Employee Benefits

Tuition grants

including AIU’s Corporate Alliances Grant

Reduced tuition rates

for those enrolled in MBA programs at AIU

Family benefits

for employees’ spouse, life partner and dependent children

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Classes Start December 5, 2018