The Financial Aid Process

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1. Learn how financial aid works for international students.

Most types of financial aid in the U.S.—such as federal and private loans, grants, and scholarships—require students to be U.S. citizens or legal residents.

Taking the time to learn about your options can help put an AIU education within reach.

2. Talk with an AIU Financial Aid Advisor.

Throughout the process, you’ll have access to an advisor who can help you understand what options your may have to pay for college as an international student.

What Your Financial Advisor Will Do:

  • Explain your award letter
  • Discuss payment arrangements
  • Remind you of upcoming deadlines
  • Answer questions

3. See if you qualify for AIU grants and scholarships and apply.

AIU offers 10 grants and scholarships for AIU Online students, 13 grants and scholarships for AIU Atlanta and 10 grants and scholarships for AIU Houston students.

Your award letter will include the grants you’re eligible for, based on your admission application and your FAFSA.


4. Apply for outside grants and scholarships.

Since most grants and scholarships don’t usually need to be paid back, they’re well worth the time it takes to apply.

Keep in mind that outside grants and scholarships operate on their own schedules, and funds you win may not be available until your second session or later.

Classes Start March 7, 2018