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Refund Policy

After the last day of the drop/add period for each quarter, which is the sixth business day of a quarter or five-week session, no refunds or adjustments will be made to students dropping individual classes but otherwise enrolled at the University.

For students attending campuses in locations without state refund policies, refunds will be calculated in accordance to the Institutional Refund Policy. Funds will be returned following the same hierarchy as the Return of Title IV Funds policy, followed by other aid sources (e.g., private loans), and then the student.

Institutional Refund Policy

In the event that a student withdraws or is dismissed from the University during the quarter, refunds of tuition and fees will be calculated according to the following schedule:

  • During the first seven calendar days*– 100%
  • During the first week – 75%
  • During the second week – 50%
  • During the third week – 25%
  • After third week – 0%

* This applies to a new student’s right to cancel in the first quarter of attendance only. Charges and fees for University housing (where applicable) are nonrefundable.

Return of Title IV Funds

A recipient of Federal Title IV financial aid who withdraws from school during a payment period in which the student began attendance will have the amount of Title IV funds he/she did not earn calculated according to Federal regulations. This calculation will be based on the student’s last date of attendance (see Withdrawal from the University).

The period of time in which Title IV financial aid is earned for a payment period is the number of calendar days the student has been enrolled for the payment period up to the day the student withdrew, divided by the total calendar days in the payment period. The percentage is multiplied by the amount of Title IV financial aid for the payment period for which the Title IV financial aid was awarded to determine the amount of Title IV financial aid earned.

The amount of Title IV financial aid that has not been earned for the payment period, and must be returned, is the complement of the amount earned. The amount of Title IV financial aid earned and the amount of Title IV financial aid not earned will be calculated based on the amount of Title IV financial aid that was disbursed for the payment period upon which the calculation was based.

A student will have earned 100% of the Title IV financial aid disbursed for the payment period if the student withdrew after completing more than 60% of the payment period or completed at least one course within the term.

For additional information on the University Refund Policy, and to learn more about campus-specific policies, please refer to the Financial Aid section of the University catalog.

If at any point in the financial aid process you have questions or need more information, an AIU Financial Aid Advisor will be happy to provide assistance

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