Distinguished Alumni Award Winners

American InterContinental University is proud of alumni who have taken the initiative to acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence in the pursuit of both personal and professional goals.

Here, you can read the stories about how AIU’s flexible undergraduate and graduate degree programs helped these students join the ranks of our distinguished alumni.

AIU Online's 2016 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Michelamon’e Adger

Michaelamon'e Adger
The 2016 award recipient was Michelamon’e Adger! Michelamon’e graduated from our Bachelor of Business Administration program, specializing in Human Resource management in 2010. She is a wife, mother, entrepreneur and role model. She became the first in her family to achieve a college degree, and inspired other family members who have since followed in her footsteps.

AIU Online's 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Rolanda White

Rolanda White
Rolanda White was awarded the 2015 Distinguished Alumni Award. Rolanda graduated from our M.B.A. program, specializing in Accounting. She is a single mother of 7 children, whose academic journey and academic path with AIU began after suffering the loss her 12 year old son to suicide and shortly thereafter, her husband through divorce. For our recipient, these personal tragedies only served to motivate her as she states to “re-invent” herself.

AIU Online's 2014 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Coralanne Griffith-Hunte

Coralanne Griffith-Hunte
Our 2014 Distinguished Alumnus, Coralanne Griffith-Hunte, is an accomplished educational leader and graduate of the M.Ed program in 2010. She served for several years as the Founding Director of Operations for Challenge Prep Charter School and is also an elected official in the Borough of Queens, New York City, where she was first elected to the School Board for her district and subsequently became the President of the School Board.

AIU Online's 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient - Ana Carolina Lunuza

Ana Carolina Lanuza
Ana Carolina Lanuza, our 2013 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, is the owner of Leverage Investigations, Inc., and has earned a total of three degrees from AIU.

AIU Online's 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Felipe Aquiar

Felipe Aguiar
Felipe Aguiar, our 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award recipient, maintains well over a decade’s worth of strategic planning experience in the areas of marketing, brand development, business management, advertisement, public relations and communications, and more.

Jennifer Iversen
American InterContinental University (AIU) Online is proud to announce that Jennifer Iversen was named the latest recipient of the AIU Distinguished Alumnus Award at the Fall 2011 graduation ceremony at Navy Pier in Chicago, Illinois.

AIU Online's 2012 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipient: Christine Van Wieren

Christine Van Wieren
"Christine is a perfect example for our online student population," said Betsy Balachandran, director of career services for AIU Online and a member of the selection committee. "She was selected by our university leadership team because she has a strong commitment to education and after applying her degree to her career.".

AIU Distinguished Alumnus: Debra Presley

Debra Presley
When asked what makes her situation "unique," Debra had this response: "I have difficulty saying that my situation is 'unique' because that may sound as though I believe that the challenges and barriers others face are less important than my own."

AIU Distinguished Alumnus: Michelle Bartlett

Michelle Bartlett
In mid-May, Michelle Bartlett was flown to Chicago to receive AIU Online's fourth Distinguished Alumni Award. A panel of judges selected her based on her community involvement, academic and professional achievements and dedication to education. She has co-founded a company and is months away from earning her Ph.D.!

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