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How to Succeed at Online Education: 10 Tips from AIU Alumni


Whether you’re a few weeks away from graduation or just a class or two into your online education, it’s always helpful to get a few tips – and some inspiration – from those who’ve walked in your shoes and reached the finish line. We asked recent AIU alumni what advice they have for students still working their way toward earning their degree. The most common theme? Persevere through the tough times, and never, ever give up on your goal.

  1. “Do your work on time. Don’t be afraid of your instructors – they are there to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” – Yohanes Wortham, MBA-Marketing, 2013

  2. “Utilize the campus. Work with your advisor and the library. And don’t submit everything on Sunday!” – Carolyn Holman, ABA-HR, 2013

  3. “Stick with it. If you think you’ve done enough, just do a little more.” – Steven Leath, BIT -Programming, 2013

  4. “Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Stay in touch with your student advisor – they’re your biggest help. If you have a concern, talk to someone. Don’t give up. Stay organized. Organization is key.” – Dennis Renfrew, BBA-Operations Management, 2013

  5. “Be diligent. Be patient with yourself. Learn how to prioritize and share that you are seeking higher education with your family and friends so they can partner with you.” – Alaina Harris, M.Ed.-Educational Leadership, 2013

  6. “Study hard. Put forth effort. Stay in communication and learn as much as you can. And don’t give up.” – Marion Nelson, BBA-Human Resource Management, 2013

  7. “Continue working hard and always look forward to the future, and always keep making goals for yourself.” – Chris Allen, BIT-Security, 2013

  8. “Stay committed and battle through the tough times.” – Robert Smith, MBA-Project Management, 2013

  9. “Stay focused, and don’t let life obstacles distract you from your goals.” – Natosha Hunt-Mobley, MBA-Healthcare Management, 2013

  10. “Make time to do your homework, and if you feel like you’re not getting what you want, just keep at it.” – Marcus Starbuck, BBA – Accounting, 2013