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What to Do When Study Time is In Short Supply

What to Do When Study Time is In Short Supply

A busy life means a packed schedule and, effectively, less time for learning. Everyone has to cram in their studying from time to time, whether you’re working and going to school, parenting and going to school or all three. Even with the efficiencies of online learning, study time can be in short supply. The question is, how do you make it work for you? These five tips can help.

Track Your Time

Knowing how much time you have to study helps keep you on task. What’s more, being aware of how much time you spend doing everything else — sleeping, watching TV, checking your Facebook page — can also be eye opening. Spend two days tracking your schedule, then look for pockets of time and ways to make your schedule more efficient. Then, when you sit down to study, set a timer. Knowing you’re “on the clock” heightens your awareness and helps you stay focused.

Set a Schedule

Once you’ve identified time that’s allotted for studying, schedule it in using whatever application you prefer, whether it’s Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. Having it “set in stone” helps eliminate excuses and helps you take command of your schedule.

Have a Dedicated Space

It’s smart to have a specific area dedicated to studying. Not only do you need it for physical reasons, but it also helps you psychologically as well since it separates you from the chaos of the outside world.

Break Things Down

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have so much in play. That’s why breaking down your studies into reasonable, digestible chunks is wise. It makes study time more effective, and it keeps your morale where it needs to be so you can retain information.

Stay Focused

When study time arrives, get rid of all distractions. Turn the TV and music off. Power down your cell phone whenever feasible, too. Study time is not the time to catch up on social media, news or gossip.