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10 Tips to Start School Online on the Right Track

10 Tips to Start School Online on the Right Track

Starting school online can be a little intimidating, especially if you’re new to virtual learning. You know the basic best practices – familiarize yourself with the online campus, study hard, ask questions – but the real secrets to success are in the details. For that, there’s no better place to learn than from those who’ve attended school online themselves.

Below, AIU Online students and alumni share their top tips to help you get off to a strong start and position yourself for success.

  • Put your all into your work. Research. Be involved with teachers and peers. You will succeed in every way imaginable! Enjoy the journey! – Julia S.
  • Take your time, read thoroughly, pace yourself, set yourself a good schedule that suits you. Never think negatively. – Melissa B.
  • Just discipline yourself, create a routine & don't hesitate to email your instructor if you have questions. – Angela C.
  • Get your assignments completed early so that you can review them multiple times before you submit them to ensure accuracy. … And take the time to get to know your instructors and classmates, you will be surprised at how much you all can help one another. – Brenda A.
  • Dedication, discipline, and always ask questions when you need to. Most instructors are there to help you with your questions or problems. – Mary Lou B.
  • Take a jab at being the Group Leader in group projects because believe it or not I have it on my resume and it has been impressive. – Leslie G.
  • Your school time is for YOU, guard it like a precious and prized possession! Be inflexible around what is due for your classes and u will finish and finish strong. – Sunny L.
  • Be organized! Online classes require individual discipline. Every term, I set up all of my DBs [discussion boards] and IPs [individual projects], and then paste the assignments to them when they become available. This saves a lot of time and encourages me to work ahead when possible. – Scott T.
  • Actively participate in the discussion boards; there may be information you read that can help you research for the assignment. – Glenn F.
  • Take it one week at a time and one class at a time. Before you know it you will have earned your degree. Hang in there! – Titus K.

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