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How to Improve Your Business Communication Skills

business communication skills

In every aspect of life, good communication is key.

That's especially true in the business world, where companies are constantly in need of workers with strong communication skills.

Business communication covers a wide range of verbal or written communication. It includes things like writing professional emails, sharing ideas at meetings, charming clients on the phone or over lunch, or creating and delivering powerful sales presentations to a room full of people. They're all skills that are essential to an organization's success.

Communication also can take the form of agreements, contracts, and other interactions needed to ensure cooperation, best practices, and efficiency. Oral communication includes meetings, group discussions, interviews, speeches, and reviews, while written communication covers elements such as mission statements, reports, agendas, and manuals.

The forms of communication have evolved greatly over time, mostly due to advances in technology. An important aspect of business communication is staying current with the best ways to present ideas clearly and quickly. However, the use of "tech" doesn't ensure that concepts will be presented in a better way. Fundamentals of communication apply no matter how the information is disseminated.

The effective distribution of rules, policies, and instructions is vital. It helps direct and focus the efforts of management and staff, while also providing a sense of goodwill and belonging. That also applies to interactions with others outside the group.

One of the best ways to improve communication skills is through education. If you're a working professional but haven't yet taken your education to the next level, a bachelor's or master's degree in business can provide the information and experience to help you be more effective in the workplace. Being a good communicator is a skill that can be learned with the help and expertise of an instructor, particularly those with experience in the field. The university setting can provide a perfect venue for practicing and honing such skills.

Effective communication goes far beyond words. It can include body language, facial expression, tone of voice, and many other factors. Discovering ways to maximize their impact, and use them to your advantage, can be a great step in building a career in business.

For example, some experts believe body language, facial expression, and tone can account for more than half of the way a message is received. They note the actual words can be much less important in getting ideas across. While this applies in face-to-face settings, it can also be critical in phone conversations. Tone can be a very effective tool in presenting a clear message.

Conversely, tone can be very difficult to express in the written word. Texts and e-mails can often be misinterpreted, with enthusiasm, sarcasm, and anger not always coming across as intended. Developing the ability to write well, and make the right word choices, is of great importance.

Learning the aspects of business communication can open doors and push the career curve to a higher plane. Pursuing these skills through higher education is one of the most important ways to obtain them.

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