What Can I do with a Master of Accounting?

What Can I do with a Master of Accounting?

A good career is one that can offer advancement over time as individuals gain more experience on the job and earn graduate level degrees to enhance their knowledge base. While there is not a Master’s or Doctorate level degree available for every academic discipline, a great number of business majors have graduate programs available that offer individuals a chance to learn new or advanced techniques, which are skills that can be used for potential advancement.

The field of accounting is no exception. The Master of Accounting degree is a common graduate degree for those in the field to earn to help enhance their skills. Before pursuing advanced degrees, individuals need to learn what advantages a graduate degree can bring. The following are examples of career advancement opportunities that may be pursued by those with a Master of Accounting, and extensive professional experience.


Accounting positions come in a variety of industries with varying responsibilities. Accountants are often referred to by level, such as Accountant I, Accountant II, and so forth. A Bachelor’s degree is all that is necessary for individuals to break into the career field at level I and II, but advancement is dependent upon further education, and professional experience. [bls.gov]

A Master in accounting degree, and professional experience could make it possible for individuals to advance to level III, IV, and V. As accountants move up the ranks, they take on greater roles such as the oversight of other accountants and directing entire finance departments. Top level accountants are responsible for the entire accounting practice of an entire organization.

Financial Analysis

he world of finance is all about keeping track of profits and losses, income and expenses. It is possible to break into the entry level positions in this field with a Bachelor’s degree, but a Master’s degree is considered desirable for the purpose of advancement. [bls.gov]

The basic role of a financial analyst is to help individuals and companies determine the best places to invest their money. This is accomplished by analyzing the finances of an individual or company, as well as monitoring the market.

Cost Estimation

This job role is as advertised; the basic responsibility of individuals in this field is to help businesses determine the cost of products and projects. Cost estimators don’t necessarily need a Master of Accounting, but it is an option for those looking for a career in this field. Depending upon a person’s experience and training, these positions can be available in a variety of industries including information technology, manufacturing, and construction. [bls.gov]