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7 Apps That Can Make You More Efficient

7 Apps That Can Make You More Efficient

Sure, smartphones are good for texting, sending off a quick email or staying in contact with friends, family and colleagues. But they’re also useful when it comes to productivity. Used wisely, your cell can boost efficiency, help you better manage your time and accomplish tasks – all while limiting the effort on your part.

  1. Time Management

    The Omni Group's OmniFocus manages to-do lists effortlessly so you can organize projects, get reminders and see daily, weekly and monthly appointments. As an added boon, available for iPhone and iPad, it syncs with OmniFocus on other iOS devices.

  2. Storage

    Dropbox is pretty hard to beat when it comes to storing and transferring files. Since it stores information in a cloud and allows access from your iOS device or Internet-enabled computer, it eliminates the need for a USB flash drive. Alternately, CloudOn is an on-the-run version of Microsoft Office, which lets you to create and access documents, saving them to a cloud for future use. As an added plus, you can sync the app to your iPhone, iPad, Android and on your web browser.

  3. Managing Home and Work

    HomeRoutines helps break down household tasks into digestible, scheduled events, which you then check off when they’re complete. Having something to cross off, like “entryway and stairs” cleaning or chores of your own choosing helps you accomplish what you need to. It also helps you feel as though you’re making progress in the meantime. Have trouble remembering a seemingly million expectations? Consider ScatterBrain your friend. This note-taker is categorized by color, so you can keep home, friend, family and professional obligations at the forefront – not to mention prioritize them as you see fit.

  4. Planning

    Wunderlist is a godsend when it comes to setting up tasks, issuing personal reminders and creating and sharing to-do lists with others, whether it’s with professional teammates or fellow students.

  5. Note-taking for Students

    Busy, on-the-go students need to fit productivity into what seems like minuscule pockets of time. That’s why an app like Evernote comes in handy. This popular, multifaceted app is free in Web, iOS and Android formats, and it’s an ideal way to capture track thoughts, search topics by keyword and access information virtually anywhere through multiple channels. Meanwhile, its Web Clipper stores everything from interests to research—including text, links and images—with the click of a mouse.