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How to Become Known as a Leader at Work

How to Become Known as a Leader at Work

The importance of making a good impression at work can’t be stressed enough. And while positioning yourself as a leader at the office may pose challenges, it’s integral to your overall career success. After all, you want to be a go-to, someone that’s relied on in good times and bad.

These five tips can help give you that beneficial boost.

  1. Take and Handle Responsibility

    One of the surest ways to build trust and establish professional rapport is to take authority and responsibility. If you’ve left your mark on a project, its success or failure hinges on you. See it through to success, but fess up to mistakes.

  2. Be a Role Model

    Most leaders through history were inspiring. Aim to be inspiring yourself, as it has a profound impact on how you’re viewed. At the end of the day, true leaders exemplify the behaviors and characteristics that they encourage in their followers.

  3. Take Risks

    Leaders aren’t afraid to tackle challenges head-on, nor are they unwilling to try new things. Whether it’s manning an undesirable project or coming at a tough one from a new angle, going outside of your comfort zone is key to establishing your presence and making a professional impact.

  4. Communicate Effectively

    Leadership requires knowing how to get your point across – diplomatically and effectively. Clear, concise communication with fellow team members and beneficial verbal and non-verbal communication skills not only helps accomplish goals – doing so positions you as a trusted – not to mention, reasonably minded – authority. At the same time, remember that no one likes a know-it-all. Take the feelings and concerns of contributors to heart, while taking the time to recognize their accomplishments.

  5. Be a Giver, Not a Taker

    In order to become someone who is relied on, you need to give every project and professional endeavor your all. A genuine leader approaches each effort with enthusiasm and passion and doesn’t worry if they’re putting in more than they receive in return. Showing you’re to be counted on and care about doing quality work bodes well, both for projects and social interactions wit colleagues.