Bachelors of Fine Arts in Media Production with a Specialization in Digital Film and Post Production

Film Production Degree

When you study for your Film Production Degree at AIU in Atlanta, you’ll take your passion for filmmaking from screenplay to screening. Hone your skills in photography, lighting, screenwriting, directing and editing using industry-current equipment, technology and study industry best practices.


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Film Production Degree Program Details

Film Production Degree Program Outline

AIU offers a professionally-focused BFA in Film Production degree program with a focus on digital film and video Production that can give students an opportunity to learn industry-current knowledge and skills applicable in today’s film, video and audio markets. The BFA in Film Production degree program offers an opportunity to learn the art and science of digital filmmaking. You can immerse yourself in each phase of the process by creating your own film and video project. Students can gain hands-on experience with screenwriting, filming, working with talent, lighting, and camera operation and editing the final product. .

AIU's Film Production Degree Program Can Help You Can Learn How To:

  • Demonstrate a thorough technical understanding of the three phases of the motion picture production process (preproduction, production and postproduction).
  • Generate and properly utilize industry-standard paperwork to track and control all three phases of motion picture production.
  • Demonstrate technical competency with various industry-standard software, camera, grip and lighting, and recording technologies
  • Demonstrate an understanding of on-set protocol/behavior and professionalism appropriate to field, studio and postproduction applications.
  • Contribute appropriately in a variety of positions to the production of motion picture projects.
  • Develop film/video projects from concept to finished product, on time and on budget, to a client’s specifications.
  • Organize and manage self-directed film/video production projects

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Film Production Degree Courses

Degree Requirements

General Education
ENGL106 English Composition I 4.5
ENGL107 English Composition II 4.5
MATH125 General College Mathematics 4.5
UNIV103 Academic and Professional Success 4.5
UNIV106 Technology and Information Literacy 4.5
UNIV109 Interpersonal Communication 4.5
Humanities (2 Courses) 9
Natural Sciences (2 Courses) 9
Social and Behavioral Sciences (2 courses) 9
General Education Electives (1) 4.5
Total Credit Hours: 58.5

General Electives
General Elective 4.5
Internship/General Elective 4.5
Total Credit Hours: 9

Lower Division Core
DFAP101 Production Techniques I 4.5
DFAP102 Audio Production I 4.5
DFAP201 Screenwriting I 4.5
DFAP202 Postproduction I 4.5
DFAP211 Camera & Lighting I 4.5
DFAP304 American Cinema 4.5
Total Credit Hours: 27
Upper Division Core
DFAP205 Audio Production II 4.5
DFAP300 Field Recording Techniques 4.5
DFAP309 Production Techniques II 4.5
DFAP314 Media Postproduction II 4.5
DFAP318 Producing I 4.5
DFAP411 Pitching and Project Management 4.5
DFAP412 Portfolio 4.5
Total Credit Hours: 31.5
Digital Film and Post Production
DFAP310 Production Techniques III 4.5
DFAP320 Film and Audio Aesthetics 4.5
DFAP210 Screenwriting II 4.5
DFAP400 Advanced Production I 4.5
DFAP401 Senior Project I 4.5
DFAP402 Senior Project II 4.5
DFAP415 Directing 4.5
DFAP422 Camera & Lighting II 4.5
DFAP423 Advanced Digital Cinematography 4.5
DFAP444 Postproduction Recording 4.5
DFAP445 Postproduction III 4.5
DFAP447 Animation and Motion Graphics 4.5

Total Credit Hours : 180

Film Production Classes Overview

By studying key topics in Digital Film and Post Production to complete the upper division’s core specialization requirements, AIU can give you an opportunity to learn a solid foundation in the areas of audio and electronic music production, general media production, editing, and computer-animation and special-effects production. For a Film Production Degree, your classes may include:

Production Techniques III

Students continue to develop their technical and creative skills as they create a longer-form and more advanced motion picture project. Particular emphasis will be placed on directing actors and use of the camera as an expressive tool. This concludes the first half of the production process, which will be completed in the second course, DFAP 445 Postproduction III.

Film and Audio Aesthetics

In this course, students learn to analyze film in terms of form, structure, cinematography, editing and use of sound and music.

Screenwriting II

Students continue to develop their skills in screenwriting, with particular focus on character driven, three-act narrative structure, story development and crafting dialog.

Advanced Production I

In this intensive course, students apply principles and techniques to create an advanced production motion picture project. Students are expected to finish a professional-quality work, worthy of inclusion on their show reel.

Senior Project I

Students will take an advanced-level project from concept through principle photography. Projects started in this course will be completed in DFAP 402 Senior Project II.

Senior Project II

Students will "finish" and distribute projects started in DFAP 401 Senior Project I. Particular focus will be placed upon the creation of a professional-quality, festival-ready package.


Students examine the role and responsibility of the director. Also covered is the director's role in each of the three phases of film production, including scripting, casting, creative work with actors, camera and lighting design and communicating effectively with the crew in order to achieve a specific vision.

Camera & Lighting II

In this course, students develop advanced skills in motion picture photography and a greater appreciation of lighting techniques and style. Topics will include genre-appropriate lighting techniques, source lighting, lighting for composite and special effects photography, and lighting for the mobile camera.

Advanced Digital Cinematography

In this advanced course, students explore of the potential of the video camera. Included are the elements of lenses and filters, shot framing and composition, color theory, non-tripod shooting techniques, internal electronics, aesthetics, and editing.

ostproduction Recording

Students develop skills needed to create a professional film soundtrack, including: effects editing, automatic dialog replacement (ADR), dialog editing and Foley recording.

Postproduction III

This advanced level course concentrates on workflow options and the "finishing" of digital video productions. Students edit their productions to a high standard, including titles, music, special effects and grading. Output, compression and DVD authoring will also be covered. In addition, lectures on various editing styles and techniques and the building of narrative structure enhance and build on the practical aspects of the course.

Animation and Motion Graphics

In this course students explore and develop new motion graphics/animation projects using industry-standard software. Students will develop their skills in the area of animation and time-based motion graphics using industry-standard software such as Adobe After Effects.

Tuition and Fees

Total tuition for this degree program may vary depending on your educational needs, existing experience, and other factors.

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Ways to Save on Your Film Production Degree

From grants to military service to transfer credits, see the variety of ways you can save time and money on your Film Production Degree at AIU:

  • Scholarships & Grants - AIU offers a number of institutional scholarships and grants that can help eligible students offset the program cost and help reduce out of pocket costs
  • Reduced Military Tuition Rate – AIU Online offers a 45% tuition reduction to active military undergraduate students and a 20% tuition reduction to active military graduate students, including members of the Reserves and National Guard
  • Transfer Credit – AIU’s transfer-friendly credit policy lets you transfer in up to 75% of the qualifying credits needed toward your degree
  • Prior Learning Credit – You can receive credits for past college courses, qualifying military service, or eligible work experience

For more information, review the AIU guides below:

  • Financial Aid Guide: Our guide to financial aid can answer your initial questions and help you prepare to apply for financial aid
  • Scholarships and Grants Guide: Learn about the scholarships and grants offered by AIU along with details about eligibility
  • Transfer Credit Guide: This guide explores how to transfer your credits from other schools—and earn college credit for your eligible past work and qualifying military experience

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