Is an International Business Major Right for Your Career?

Is an International Business Major Right for Your Career?

Is international business a good major? Consider this: Technology has changed how the world does business and has allowed the world to interact and connect with an ease and in ways that have never been possible before. That means every business—no matter its size or scope—now has the potential to have international reach.

But is an international business major the right choice for you? Before deciding on pursuing international business jobs (or any other career for that matter), make sure you have a passion for it. You want to make sure your interests, and the qualities you have and value—both personally and professionally—align with a future career path.

An international business degree might be right for you to consider if you have personal and professional interests in:

  • Foreign cultures and their histories, laws and cultures—all of which shape their business styles.
  • Learning about other countries and understanding the nuances of doing business with people there
  • Traveling, either alone or with colleagues
  • Working for a company with international reach (or already working for such a company)
  • Learning a second language (or already are proficient in one)

A quality international business degree program can help students develop a strong foundation in business fundamentals and acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to compete in a global, international marketplace. Students in such programs can learn a diverse skill set, including how to:

  • Analyze how international trade, international relations and finance policies affect business decisions.
  • Adapt marketing strategies for international markets.
  • Construct management practices and processes in an international environment while recognizing global differences.
  • Manage operations and production on a global scale.

Courses typically cover topics ranging from finance to leadership, including areas such as International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business, International Corporate Finance, International Financial Management, Global Leadership and Management, International Trade Operations and more.

These types of classes can help you develop an understanding and appreciation of how cultures and politics affect the context of global business and help you understand—and be able to analyze—how one event can have a ripple effect throughout the business world. That ability to understand and analyze world economic trends can give you the potential to be a leader in your company when it comes to making inroads into international markets. If that interests you, then choosing an international business major might very well be the right choice for you.

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